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A man sitting in hospital waiting to be picked up
Coming Home From Hospital


A man sitting in hospital waiting to be picked up

What happens when I am ready to go home from hospital?

The team caring for you in hospital will work with you to make a discharge plan. They will identify if you need any medicine, equipment or assistance to help you manage when you return home, and will arrange for this to be provided to you. You might also be contacted by a health professional or social worker once you have returned home, if you need extra advice or support to recover from your illness, or to manage your daily activities.


How can I prepare for going home?

You may be given exercises and advice to help you recover at home. You might also be provided with equipment to help with things like breathing, moving around and completing day to day tasks. Make sure that you understand any advice you have been given and how to use any equipment, and know who to contact if you are having difficulties with it. If you are struggling to use your equipment, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

If you live with other people, or rely on other people for support, make sure that you understand any current advice about social distancing and have made arrangements to manage this when you go home.


Will I be able to go straight back to my normal activities, and back to work?

You might continue to experience some post-viral symptoms, like fatigue and breathlessness or changes in your mood and thinking after you leave hospital. This is common in people who have had a serious illness that has required hospital treatment. These symptoms might make your normal activities feel difficult and tiring to do. It is important to be patient with yourself; take things slowly and gradually build up your daily and weekly routine.

You can find more advice on the daily activities and return to work sections of this website. Seek advice from your GP or another health professional if your symptoms change or do not improve. See the when do I need to seek help section of this website for more information.

Last Reviewed on 28 July 2020

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