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How can COVID affect you?
How can COVID affect you?


An elderly man sitting down whilst holding his walking stick

COVID spreads easily between humans through contact with other people and droplets in the air from coughs and sneezes:

  • Some people get better at home
  • Some people do not know they have COVID
  • Some people get seriously unwell from COVID and need to stay in hospital

What should you expect during your recovery from COVID?

The time it takes to get better is different for everyone.

The majority of people do recover from COVID by 4 weeks. There is a proportion of people that might still have symptoms at 4 weeks but should be fully recovered by 12 weeks.

It is important to remember that everyone will get better differently. You might get better within 4 to 12 weeks but:

  • Health problems from COVID can sometimes last for longer than 12 weeks
  • Health problems from COVID can change over time
  • You can get new health problems from COVID

If you are worried about new or ongoing health problems from COVID, make sure you seek medical advice and support.

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