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You should contact your GP if:

  • Your problems after having COVID are getting worse
  • It has been 12 weeks since you had COVID, and you are not getting any better
  • You have new problems you are worried about
  • You think any of your family or friends are unwell with COVID

It is important to choose the right NHS service to make sure you get the right treatment as soon as possible.

Here is a list of NHS services you can contact and how they can help.

NHS 119

You can call 119 if you have questions or need help with COVID vaccinations, testing, NHS COVID Pass, and other COVID-related issues such as Test and Trace. Find out more information here.

It does not cost anything to call 119. Lines are open every day from 7am to 11pm.

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NHS 111

You can contact NHS 111 if you are feeling unwell, but your life is not at risk.

When you call NHS 111, they will ask you about your health problems and give you advice on what to do next – it does not cost anything to call NHS 111.

You can also go to the NHS 111 website, where you can answer questions about your health problems online and get advice on what to do next.

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GP Surgery

Your GP surgery should be the first service you contact if you or your family have any health problems that are not emergencies.

If you do not know your local GP surgery’s contact details or opening times, you can check on the NHS website.

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GP Out of Hours Service

If your GP surgery is closed and you are too ill to wait for it to re-open, you can get support and advice from the GP Out of Hours service.

To find your nearest GP Out of Hours service, you can call NHS 111.

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Accidents and Emergencies – 999

You should dial 999 or go to the nearest Accident and Emergency (A&E) Department if you are seriously ill or having problems such as:

  • Chest pain that is getting worse
  • Finding it difficult to breathe
  • Facial drooping – when one side of the face drops down
  • Speech difficulties
  • A serious accident or injury

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